Edgy Short Longer Bang Pixie Haircut

Edgy Pixie HaircutThis Edgy Pixie is Cut Very Short on the Sides, Back and Crown.  The Front is cut to a longer length, right at the bridge of the nose and is Dis-connected from the Sides, Back and Crown.  The Side-Burns are cut Wispy and the Neckline is blocked off in the back.  Apply smoothing serum to damp hair and blow dry.  Use a Paddle Brush to smooth the front bang area as you dry it.  Use a Wax or Pomade warmed up in your hands to piece out or spike up strands of hair.

Cute Short Pixie Haircut

Cute Pixie HaircutThis Cute Pixie Haircut is cut right at the top of the ears with a Wispy Side-Burn.  The Bang Length is Longer, past the eyebrows, and swept over to the side.  Longer Layers are cut through-out the interior.  The Back is Tapered and could be left wispy or blocked off at the bottom, whichever you prefer.  Apply volumizing serum to damp hair and blow dry under with a paddle brush.  Finish with a light-hold hairspray.

Cute Short Choppy Pixie Haircut

Cute Short Choppy Pixie HaircutThis is a great Side View of a Cute Choppy Medium-Short Pixie Haircut.  This Pixie Haircut is Tapered Very Short at the Neckline and around the ears.  The interior of the hair gradually gets longer as you up to the top and front.  Model has thick hair, so the interior layers are cut choppy with texture added to give this Pixie Haircut some Edgy style.  Apply Volumizing serum to damp hair, then blow-dry hair from the crown forward with a vent brush.  Slightly flip the front just as a little as you blow-dry.  Put some wax in your hand and rub both your hands together to warm up the wax, then use the warm wax on your fingertips to piece out strands of hair including flipping the front up a little. Easy to style Cute Pixie Haircut.

Cute Tapered Pixie Hairstyle

Cute Tapered Pixie HairstyleThis Pixie Hairstyle is cut short around the ears and back ,  the top length is left a little longer than the average Pixie Haircut.  Add a Volumizing serum to damp hair and blow-dry and scrunch.  This Pixie has a Messy Style to it, so styling should be easy.  Back-comb the top (if necessary) to add lift, and use a light-hold hairspray to finish.  Use your fingers to lift your hair as you spray it into place.

Cute Bitten Bang Pixie Hairstyle

Cute Bitten Bang Pixie HairstyleThis Pixie Hairstyle is colored a fierce shade of Red, but the Bitten Bangs soften the front of this Cute, Sassy Pixie Haircut.  This Pixie Hairstyle is cut short, and tapered around the ears and back.  The bang area is point-cut on the ends and cut on a slight angle…. just BELOW the eyebrow on one side and just ABOVE the eyebrow on the other side.  This Cute Pixie Hairstyle looks so soft even though the color is an Edgy shade of red.

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