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Cute Short Pixie Haircuts

Cute Short Pixie HaircutsCute Short Pixie Haircuts Styled Two Different Ways.  Either way you style this cute pixie haircut it’s edgy and cute all in one!  This pixie is cut very short on the sides and back, but a fringe is left on the sides and back to add some style and “edge” to this pixie haircut.  The top length of this pixie  is left longer than the average pixie haircut.  The front and crown are cut just a little shorter than the middle, this adds a little extra dimension to the top length, and gives this pixie a fantastic faux-hawk shape when styled.  The top is also texturized to give it a “piecey” look.  This can be a “cute” stylish pixie hairstyle or a stylish “edgy” pixie haircut depending on how you choose to style that day.

TO STYLE:  To get the Faux-Hawk Pixie Hairstyle..Apply a volumizing serum prior to blow-drying.  Blow-dry the back fringe right against your neck and the side fringe towards your face.  Using a medium barrel round brush, blow-dry the front up and back.  Blow-dry the crown towards the front.  Blow-dry the middle up, towards the opposite side.  Use a wax or texture paste to “piece” out the top and add shine.  To get the Cute Pixie Hairstyle…Apply smoothing serum prior to blow-drying.  Blow dry hair forward and to the side.  Put a small amount of wax or pomade in your hands…rub your hands together (this warms the wax up so it’s easier to use)….then run your hands through your hair and “piece” out the hair with the wax or pomade.  With a cute short pixie styling time is quick!


Cute Sassy Longer Length Spikey Pixie Haircut

Sassy Longer Length Spikey Pixie Haircut Picture

Short Spikey Pixie Haircut


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